Hi, I’m Kylie and I love everything about photography and making memories to last a lifetime.

From the moment of you falling in love to photographing the Belly to meeting your new baby to capturing all the milestones of the first birthday and everything in between that’s what Fairytale Photography about, immortalizing these special moments and making them a memory to treasure forever, just like a Fairytale this is your story and these will be the images and pictures in your book of life.

Photography is something that I have been doing for many many years with my own family and my business from once owning a photography lab and canvas business to having my own studio for the past 15 years it has be a journey that has been such a pleasure.

I started out as a wedding photographer and from that I got to capture the next steps of maternity and newborns to all the milestones in my beautiful clients lives and love to become your go to for all the special things in your life that you want to capture

about fairytale photography

Photography is something that will remember for us when our memories start to fade a simple image will bring all the emotions of these special moments in your life

I started very young and now I am not only a mother of 3 grown children who are all married to wonderful partners, I am also a grandma of 6 beautiful grandkids and hopefully a few more to come {Just saying guys cause I love babies}

My husband and I are both keen lovers of nature, travel and family, we love camping and spending time with our kids and grandkids and cherish every moment we get to do what we love

Photographs have always been something that I have loved from my great great grandparents that I have in a photo on my walls to my own family photographs I love that we can look back in time and I hope that in many years to come my great great grandchildren can see my face and know that I was real and that there is a life behind every image

about fairytale photography

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me and my life and I look forward to meeting you and continuing the conversation that makes us become friends

Talk soon,

Making Precious Memories Last A Lifetime